Welcome to Nkozi Hospital

Nkozi Hospital is a PNFP (Private Not for Profit)-Non Government Hospital located 83km along Kampala – Masaka high way. The Hospital is affiliated to Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB). Being a Christian founded hospital, our services are offered in line with our values as Christians, ethics and integrity.


Nkozi Hospital operates 24 hours and offers curative, preventative and health promotion services both at the hospital and during outreaches. The hospital provides Various Outpatient services, Inpatient services and Community services.

Out-patient Services
These are services we offer clients who vist the hospital for diagnosis and/or treatment but are not hospitalised for more than 24hrs.more...

In-patient Services
In-Patient services are offered to clients who are admitted and stay overnight or even for several days, weeks or months. more...

Community Services
In Nkozi Hospital we believe that healthy people make a better community. Also because we understand that many times people can not come to hospital for health services, form time to time we go to them. more...